In 1990, Dr. J. K. Mutiso established a consultancy, Dr. J. K. Mutiso’s clinic that focused, to focus on psychiatric care for people dealing with mental health challenges. This clinic was first at Madaraka Shopping Centre, relocated to Golf Course Commercial Centre off Mbagathi Road before it relocated to Menelik Medical Centre, Menelik Road, in 2004.

​The clinic’s work in counselling and psychotherapy grew through routine collaboration with external counsellors, counselling psychologists and clinical psychologists. This collaboration was beneficial as both parties referred patients to each other and then referred them back to their counsellor, psychotherapist or counselling institution when their condition improved.

With time, it became clear that a significant number of the patients referred to external clinics for psychotherapy were not following through, as they did not want to start over with a new mental health professional. This realisation highlighted the need for in-house psychotherapy services for patients in psychiatric treatment.

In 2008 Mumbi Njoroge, then a Ph. D. candidate and a Consultant Psychologist was invited to join to the clinic as a Consultant Psychologist. Patients could now receive the treatment they needed under one roof. GMHC still received referrals and patients were always sent back to their counsellors and psychotherapists when they improved, in line with best practice in mental health service delivery.

​Five years later, in 2013 Dr. Mutheu Talitwala joined the clinic as a Consultant Psychologist to boost the psychotherapy unit. At about the same time, Dr. Jacqueline Ochieng, a highly experienced Consultant Psychiatrist joined the psychiatry unit. These two new members completed the team that would drive GMHC to a new level of efficiency and impact.

It became increasingly clear that Dr. J. K. Mutiso’s Clinic could no longer function as it needed to, without the four consultants working as a team. This need to establish a single entity that provided various mental health services led to the birth of Gilead Mental Health Consultants (GMHC). GMHC continues to grow organically to serve the whole person by integrating the psychiatric, psychological, physical and social dimensions of every individual, undergirded by a Christian world view.

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